The origin of the word "Pandai" comes from the language used in Indonesia, Bahasa. Its meaning is "intelligent and skilled", praise often received by artisans who work with silver there.


The Pandai Pratas came in mid-2011, when an adventurous girl came to life with the idea of selling different jewelry, produced in 925 silver, to generate an extra income that would be used in her travels. Over time, unpretentious activity was expanding with the help of loyal customers who recommended the products through the good old "word of mouth".

Today we can say that we are winning the world little by little. In addition to door-to-door sales in Brazil, we opened a physical store in Portugal, where we are already conquering Lusitanian hearts, and we are more virtual than ever, with our e-commerce pleasing customers everywhere.

The Pandai Pratas offers several models of 925 silver jewelry from national and international artists so that its most precious and rare asset, its essence, is translated into good taste and lifestyle.